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1851 44 cal conversion cylinder


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Am thinking on a set of conversion cylinders. I have a pair each of Pietta 1858 & 1860 pistols. 44 cal. Would the proper cylinder fit both pistols? If you have experience with them ya or nay, please, chime in. ... " *If you have an 1851 Navy .44, you will need to order the 1860 conversion cylinder. They are the same frame.".

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So I have a question in regards to the PIETTA 1851 YANK SNUBNOSE REVOLVER .44 CAL. I want to buy a conversion cylinder for this gun but Howell only seems to have a 5 round cylinder in 45LC. The 1851 YANK is a 6 shot so I was wondering if a 5 shot 45LC will work in this revolver.

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The cylinder must be removed from the revolver to be loaded. In the cylinder I use in my . 44 Remington New Army, six cartridges are slipped into the cylinder , and the back plate is placed over the cylinder . The . 44 cal 1851 Navy features a.

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1851 44 cal conversion cylinder

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