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Sophie's logo in yellow with text saying "Gold Club"

Armin meiwes bernd brandes video

Armin Meiwes. Described as polite and genial by those who knew him, Armin Meiwes, a computer technician, is the self confessed cannibal who gripped the media in Germany and indeed the world in late 2003 when he was arrested on a charge of the murder of Bernd-Juergen Brandes. After a gruesome but revealing trial he was found guilty of.

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An engineer from Berlin, Bernd Jurgen Brandes , agreed to meet with Meiwes , as he wanted to be slaughtered and eaten by another person. The two met on March 9th 2001, and Armin's fantasy was finally fulfilled. That evening the men went up to Meiwe's bedroom in his vast Rotenburg Farmhouse. Please subscribe my channel <b>Armin</b> <b>Meiwes</b> has become known.

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Armin Meiwes was sentenced to life in jail, where he remains at age 59. Meiwes has since opened up about his story and tells people that.

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Armin meiwes bernd brandes video

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