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Sophie's logo in yellow with text saying "Gold Club"
Sophie's logo in yellow with text saying "Gold Club"

Bongo cat typing game

The game features a cute cat that wants to play the music instruments with you. It's easy to pick up and play. Make your own songs & beats. Experience the world of music with a cute cat. Bongo Cat Musical Instruments is a free music game & beat maker that provides hours of fun! You can also learn to play cool songs & beats with number piano notes.

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Bongo Cat The Game remix by SCRGaunJA5881. Bongo Cat The Game by orrinpants. Bongo Cat The Game remix by -Wash-ya-cat-. Bongo Cat The Game by h0po0. Bongo Cat The Game with mew by sagequeenofcats. Bongo Cat and Kat The Game . . . by jazondm. Bongo Cat The Game remix by CatKingB. U R Bongo Cat (1st REMIX) by guardianofthepandas.

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Instructions: Upload a song below and press keys on your keyboard to have #bongocat play along. You can use a tool like Quicktime to do a screen and audio recording! Default song is from Mario Paint (: Upload audio file (mp3, m4a, or wav). Bongos A D. Cymbal C. Cowbell F. Bongos Keyboard Meow Cymbal Marimba Tambourine Cowbell.

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Let Bongo Cat accompany you while you are typing.

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Bongo cat typing game

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