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Cubic spline interpolation

s = spline (x,y,xq) returns a vector of interpolated values s corresponding to the query points in xq. The values of s are determined by cubic spline interpolation of x and y. example. pp = spline (x,y) returns a piecewise polynomial structure for use by ppval and the spline utility unmkpp.

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points to an instance of the floating-point spline structure. [in] type: type of cubic spline interpolation (boundary conditions) [in] x: points to the x values of the known data points. [in] y: points to the y values of the known data points. [in] n: number of known data points. [in] coeffs: coefficients array for b, c, and d [in] tempBuffer.

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Abstract. Aiming at the problem of smoothness of the B-spline curve interpolation , an improved parameterized interpolation method based on modified chord length is proposed. We construct a series of interpolation arcs using the relationship between the chord length and chord angle of given data points and then calculate the global knot parameters by replacing the chord length. PCHIP (Piecewise Cubic Interpolation Package) is a set of subroutines for piecewise cubic Hermite interpolation of data. It features software to produce a monotone and "visually pleasing" interpolant to monotone data. Such an interpolant may be more reasonable than a cubic spline if the data contain both 'steep' and 'flat' sections.

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Cubic Spline Interpolation of a Circle Hey there - Thanks for the great tutorials - they really helped me! I'm trying to duplicate your results for cubic interpolation of a circle with 4 points and I got the same solution for the 2nd derivatives in the x and y directions. However, when I solve for the coefficients and plot the cubic polynomials.

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Cubic spline interpolation

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