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Sophie's logo in yellow with text saying "Gold Club"

Deep inside vagina

The vulva, inner thighs, groin, and buttocks can become humid and collect bacteria if not kept clean. Vaginas have a natural cleaning mechanism — the labia minora and majora help prevent dust or bacteria from entering the vagina, while vaginal secretions serve as a way to clear out any excess bacteria from within the vagina.

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In medieval times, people believed that a man's penis could literally get "sucked into a woman's vagina" during sex in the missionary position. Where could this belief have come from?.

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This is generally for every woman. Depending on how deep the penis can go inside the vagina. The woman will feel the lubrication gotten from the penis and a kind of tickling will occur which will increase your breathing and then a feeling of cold liquid will occur inside of you. You will feel happy and a kind of warm. Answer (1 of 6): Like Christmas, your birthday, finding £100, winning the lottery and completing Mario bros on the nes in under 5 minutes all rolled into one.

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Deep inside vagina

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